Book Discussion

Meet Author Joshua Douglas

Join the League of Women Voters at the Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library for a free presentation and book signing. Joshua A. Douglas, a professor at the UK College of Law, teaches and researches election law, civil procedure, constitutional law, and judicial decision making. He is an expert on US election law. In this new book, hot off the press on 4/9/19, Mr. Douglas presents an encouraging assessment of current efforts to make our voting system more accessible, reliable, and effective.

Hopkinsville, Meet Crazy Horse Family Elder and Author Matson

Crazy Horse Family elder Floyd Clown Sr and Author William Matson discuss and sign their book “Crazy Horse The Lakota Warrior’s Life and Legacy”, based on the Family’s oral history.
Black-and-white photo is of Fights the Thunder, who was Amos Clown’s father. The drawing is of Crazy Horse, based on a description from his little sister Julia Clown, or Iron Cedar as she was known in her tribe. The last photo shows the book’s author and members of the Crazy Horse family: (L-R) Don Red Thunder, Doug War Eagle, William Matson, and Floyd Clown Sr.



Bearing the Burden: The Role of Storyteller (Book Discussion)

Caitlin Chester and Elizabeth Burton, English teachers at the
Hopkinsville Community College, show us that in classic works of literature, the role of storyteller is often to act as a passive
observer of events, bearing the burden of those who couldn’t tell the tale themselves. They will lead a discussion about how
O’Brien turns that trope on its head by involving his narrator fully in the events of the story and having him beat the burden of both his own tale and those of his fellow soldiers.

What’s Happening at Home While There is a War in Vietnam? (BD)

Book Discussion Lead by Wayne Goolsby

What was happening at home while there were those fighting a war they didn’t understand? LBJ’s decisions, and those of the
men around him, affected the theme, as well as content of the
book although we may not have noticed it at the time.
The power of hindsight is an underlying thread in the book.
We’ll look at the role of LBJ in this eventful period in our history.