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The Office Trivia in Hopkinsville! at Davo’s

The Office Trivia is coming to Davo’s in Hopkinsville on August 5th at 7:30 pm!

Due to the overwhelming crowd at Friends trivia last month, trivia organizers have decided to take reservations for The Office trivia so no one is turned away the night of the event. PLEASE READ BELOW ON HOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

To reserve your team’s spot, you have to go by Davo’s IN PERSON (no phone reservations allowed) and sign your team up. Trivia is always completely free to play, but to sign you will pay a $30 sign-up deposit that will be taken off your bill the night of The Office trivia. Again, there is no cost to play trivia, and the fee will be removed from your bill the night of the event. The $30 is non-refundable if you decide not to come.

Table sizes are first come first serve with a limited amount of 8 and 6 spot tables, so please come by and register your team ASAP! They will let you what table sizes are available when you register.

Friends Trivia in Hopkinsville! at Davo’s

Friends themed trivia is coming to Hopkinsville on July 1st at 7:00 pm!! As Chandler would say, could you BE anymore excited?!

Here’s a couple FAQs!
-Trivia is COMPLETELY FREE to play!
-The top three teams get gift cards!
-Tables are first come first serve, so arrive early.
-To hold a table once you arrive, you have to have at least HALF of your group there, so don’t send one person to hold a table of 10!