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Comedy Night PG13

Comedy Night is Back
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$10 Cover with a 10% Discount on all food
Meet the Headliner
“Andy Imlay was born several weeks early in Owensboro, Kentucky. He has Cerebral Palsy, a congenital disorder that often requires him to use a wheelchair to get around safely. Having a disability doesn’t get him down, however. Instead, it fires him up. It gives him a unique perspective in life, and that translates into comedy gold. He first grabbed the microphone in July of 2014. Now living in Evansville, Indiana, he found the performing arts to be a welcome respite from his day job working retail. Stand up affords him the opportunity to be his true self, share his experiences, and his sometimes dark, other times silly comedic observations. He jokes about his disability, of course, because it is one of the first things people notice about him. He is far from a one trick pony, however, and doesn’t rely on it as a… ahem… crutch to get laughs. He covers a wide range of subjects in his act, such as living alone, church healers, speed dating, WWE, the difference between heaven and hell and, of all things, pickles. Andy has worked hard at his craft during the six years that he has been a comedian. He has performed throughout the US, including appearances at top clubs, such as The Comedy Caravan in Louisville and the Orlando Improv. He has opened for Dustin Diamond and Mario Saenz and has showcased at the Live Laughs Comedy Festival in Ohio and the Tim Northern Comedy Festival. He also placed runner up at Wileys Comedy Joint’s annual Fireworks Competition in 2020. Wherever an opportunity arises, you will find him under a spotlight, making people laugh. His hard work has paid off. Some interesting opportunities have come his way, and he has embraced them all with open arms. In it’s 41 year history, only two comedians have ever performed at the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. Andy was one of them. He was also featured in a Nike ad, modeling a shoe for people with disabilities. One of his personal highlights, however, was being retweeted by the guys in South Park, and he has the swag to prove it. Andy Imlay believes in positivity, and he positively enjoys making people laugh. Whether he is performing for ten people or 300, he always gives his all to every performance.”
Other Performers
Lena Beamish may be new to stand-up, but she’s certainly no stranger to comedy. Based out of Louisville KY, Lena has been doing sketch comedy since 2015 and decided to finally try stand-up in May of last year. Blending personal experiences with short jokes and one-liners, she is able to connect with the audience in spite of being – in her own words – “fundamentally weird”. When not onstage, Lena can be found drawing, writing music, and making friends with every cat she meets.
“Jake Macias is a comic based in Louisville, KY who discusses really wacky topics where no one dares go such as family and friends, music, and a relatable homelife! He has also opened for the likes of Gavin Matts, Tom Simmons, and Caitlin Peluffo.”
Meet the Host June Dempsey
June can be seen hosting comedy shows in her basement alongside various locals and vermin. June started comedy after buying a house, she realized that she had achieved all her life dreams at age 24. When not keeping her house clean for shows, she’s working on writing sketches and tightening up jokes. June has a degree in Geography and GIS from the University of Louisville, which they’ve put to use in their job as Analyst for the Metropolitan Sewer District, but their comedy is clean enough.

Amanda McCarthy LIVE

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Meet the Artist
Amanda McCarthy is a storyteller compelled to speak the truth. Based in Nashville since 2020, with a 10+ year start to her career in New Hampshire and Massachusetts – she is an award-winning songwriter, entertainer and recording artist. Blending many influences, her original music is the infusion of pop, country, modern folk and rock – sprinkled with millennial snark and the heart of an old soul. Her debut album “Road Trip” was released in 2019 to high acclaim, and her next single, “Don’t Stop Me” was released on 3/16/22.

Jim Garnett Live on the Tavern Stage

Jim Garnett LIVE at 7pm
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Meet the Artist
Born and raised in Christian County and apt to die there. The music I make was highly influenced by a concert by Peter, Paul, and Mary at Virginia Beach in 1961. It was through them that I found my voice and my love for social justice. My careers in include social work in juvenile justice and educating teenagers in the beauty and utility of secondary mathematics. But throughout my careers my true love has been learning to play and sing ballads that have stood the test of time. I anxiously await opportunities to share their beauty with you. These wonderful ballads and life events have inspired some originals as well.

Comedy Night at the Tavern

After the success of our last Comedy Night, we are excited to do it again!
There is a charge $10 per person, but we are offering 10% off ALL FOOD that night.
The Comedians inform us that this show is geared more toward 18 and over- so Rated “R” but not “X” LOL
Call 270-484-5066 for Reservations as seating is limited.
Meet the Headliner
Mandee McKelvey has lived one hell of a life, from growing up poor in rural South Carolina to becoming a widow in her 20s. Wait, it gets funnier! As one of Louisville’s most acclaimed stand-up comedians and storytellers, Mandee is revered for her ability to spin tragedy into comedy. Now, in her first one-woman show, Mandee is telling some of the key stories that made her into the woman she is today, for better or for worse. Mandee McKelvey is a stand-up comedian out of Louisville, KY. She runs the roast show Character Assassination at The Bard’s Town Theatre, and is the co-producer and co-host of the storytelling show We Still Like You. She is the 2018 Carney Award Winner for Comedian of the Year and recently opened for Tig Notaro.