Michelle Wyatt

Meet Local Author Michelle Wyatt

“If there was one universal principle that you could embrace to make your entire life easier…would you?” –Michelle Wyatt, “Buckle Up, Buttercup!”

Change is perhaps the only constant, and yet, we fear it, avoid it, resist it, and even grieve in the wake of it. But what if we could see change as an opportunity? An asset? A silver lining? What if we could plan for and manage change in a way that helped us live our best lives?

Meet Michelle Wyatt — author of “Buckle Up, Buttercup!” — and join
her on an emotional and intellectual road trip through the nuances
of personal and professional change, exploring how changes — of
any size, at work or at home — can impact so very much, and why
they require our honest and focused attention.

Books will be sold at the event for $15 each.