Open Mic Lounge: A Poetry and Paint Experience – at Next Level

Join the community for Open Mic Lounge: A Poetry and Paint Experience at 7:00 pm on November 2nd at Next Level!

Hoptown native Shenika Brown has organized this evening as a way for positive expression. Several poets from the Hopkinsville area will read their poetry works. The evening will have live painting as well by local talent.

For more details, visit Next Level on Instagram at  next_level_hoptown .

Jane Olmsted, A Poetic Romp Through Women’s History

A Poetic Romp Through Women’s History

What American Women Have to Say Through Poetry

Join us as writer and Western Kentucky University professor Jane Olmsted reads and discusses the poetry of American women, while also sprinkling in readings of her own poetry. Olmsted’s poems and stories have appeared in numerous journals. Her chapbook Tree Forms was published in 2011 by Finishing Line Press. Her essay “The Weight of a Human Heart” won Memoir Journal’s prize for the guns issue in the fall 2013. Her collection of poems, Seeking the Other Side, was published in 2015 by Fleur de Lis Press.

From “Ghazal by Thread” by Jane Olmsted:

It seems the life I’ve called my own is but an echo of
someone else, someone who can only be heard—or found
—if she lets go of that life

sloughing off the skin and baring the rawness, pulling
hand over hand and gathering the lines of this deep-
shadowed life.

Click this link for an article about Jane’s book Seeking the Other Side.