Thursdays Tavern Trivia Holiday Edition

Thursdays Tavern Trivia Holiday Edition – at Main Street Tavern

Join your friends at Main Street Tavern for the Holiday Edition of Thursdays Tavern Trivia! It’s free and easy to play! All are welcome!

Round 1 DO YOU BELIEVE: Is it Real or Not?
Round 2 SEASONAL TREATS: Trivia about Food & Drink for the Holidays
Round 3 AROUND THE WORLD: Trivia about Holiday Traditions Everywhere
Round 4 MISFIT TOYS: Trivia About Toys Past & Present
Round 5 BELOVED TV SPECIALS: Trivia about all the Specials we love so much
Round 6 HERE WE GO A CAROLING: Trivia about Holiday songs
Round 7 HOLIDAY MOVIES: Trivia about Holiday Themed Cinema
Round 8 DIRTY SANTA: You Never Know What This Will Be