Trail of Tears

Native American Heritage Month at Trail of Tears Park and Heritage Center

Make your way over to the Trail of Tears Park and Heritage Center each Saturday in November to help celebrate National Native American Heritage Month! The Heritage Center will celebrate this historic month each Saturday at 12:00 noon with “Granny Tell Me a Story”, a collection of children’s fables and stories as told by Kristina Scott, the center’s tour guide. Ethel Adkins, former tour guide and Kristina’s mother, told her children and grandchildren these stories as they were growing up.

Kristina will be dressed in a Native American Tear Dress, much like a grandmother would wear back in the 1800’s. Guests are encouraged to bring a sack lunch to enjoy while hearing stories. And be sure to ask about supporting Volunteers for Cherokee Children, an organization that collects donations for Cherokee children of all ages who are in need.

Outdoor Movie Night

Movie will be at the Trail of Tears Park. It is free to the public. There will be concessions available. The movie is rated PG13. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets. Regarding the movie it is rated PG13. There are some scenes that depict violence and the life of a drug addict. There is no cursing or nudity. The movie has a powerful message of hope and redemption. You will enjoy it! Contact Joel @ 813-992-8375 for more info.