Located in the Pennyroyal Region of southwestern Kentucky, Hopkinsville and Christian County are proud of their rich history, agricultural heritage, and diverse culture. Founded in 1797 and settled primarily by Revolutionary War veterans, this fertile land produced wheat, corn, and dark-fired tobacco as its major crops. Only grown in this region, dark-fired tobacco brought money, improvements, and conflict to the community when Night Riders fought big business for a fair price on the cash crop in the early 1900s. In 1942, the community welcomed an army installation – known today as Fort Campbell – into its backyard, changing the landscape of the region forever.

Edgar Cayce, world-renowned psychic, Ted Poston, African American journalist and Jerry Claiborne, college football coach, are just a few of the folks born and reared in this small, tightly-knit community.

Today, with a county-wide population of just over 70,000, this community is still one deeply rooted in agriculture and takes great pride in its adaptability and hospitable nature. The people are friendly, the land is breathtaking and the barbecue is served with a side of burgoo.

For a look at local history, check out the Museums of Historic Hopkinsville.