TWI Bolts & Brotherhood – Adaptive Archery

TWI Archery Workshop/Club is open to any disabled or wounded Veteran interested in learning about traditional Bow and Crossbow shooting. It is not necessary to own a bow or have any knowledge of its operations. All equipment will be provided. Our intent is to introduce participants to the hobby of archery. Our Trainers will teach you and mentor you through the experience. So lets shoot some “Bolts” and share some Brotherhoold. This class is open to ALL Veterans. if you are interested in attending this event or Comment “I would like to Attend”. Class seats are limited so schedule now!

“Archery is a sport that almost anyone can compete in. It can be done just for fun, for hunting, or for competition. It can be done if a person is young or old! It’s usually fairly easy to adapt – and the thrill of hitting the bull’s-eye is unforgettable,” said Randi Smith, U.S. Paralympic Archery Team head coach.