Hopkinsville Police Department

Santa Claus Is Coming to Hoptown!

Santa will be cruising throughout Hoptown this Sunday, courtesy of Hopkinsville Fire Department, with additional escort from the Hopkinsville Police Department! Santa will be hitting the streets of Main Station Downtown, Skyline Drive, and Indian Hills/Canton Pike.
Follow Santa on GPS at hoptownrec.com. Street by street turns are on the map on the Parks and Rec webpage. GPS seen online will be about 3-5 minutes behind so plan accordingly to be in position to see Santa. Santa will be in the front passenger seat of the Fire Department truck, so check the route for your area to determine what side of the road he we be on your street.

State of the Community – Breakfast on the Beat

Hear from our local law enforcement leaders in a panelist discussion about the status of community safety, where improvement can be made, and answer questions from a moderator. Have a question you want to ask? Submit your question to [email protected] The moderator will select submitted questions to include in the discussion.